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Badlands FAQ

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get at Badlands...

1 Studio FAQ
1.1 How much will my tattoo cost?

The cost depends on the final size, detail, and artist doing your tattoo! We have 6 tattoo artists in our studio with different hourly rates and unique styles of tattooing.

We suggest looking at our Facebook albums or Instagram to determine the right artist for you. Let us know who you would like to book with, and we would love to schedule you in for a consultation with them.

Please note that we do not give online tattoo estimates. Give us a call at (705) 586-3665 to book a tattoo consultation.

1.2 How much is a piercing?

Most of our piercings are $60 flat!

The price includes the piercing fee, jewelry, aftercare and tax. Piercings that are over $60 are Microdermals ($100), a set of earlobes ($100) and the industrial ($80).

Piercings are by appointment only, please give us a call at (705) 586-3665 to book.

*Please note: We are not currently doing tongue or smiley piercings. 

1.3 Can I book an appointment online?

You can now request appointments for piercings and tattoo consultations through our website!
Click on the link below to submit a request.
Book Now

1.4 How soon can I get my tattoo?
Most of the artists are booking a couple of months a head at this time. Give the studio a call or visit our Facebook page to see artist availability. 
We require a consultation with an artist before your physical tattoo appointment. All appointments require a non-refundable, non-trasnferable $100 cash deposit which goes towards the final cost of your tattoo. Please call the studio to book a consultation with one of our artists. Our phone number is (705) 586-3665.
1.5 Do you take walk-ins?

We unfortunately are not offering walk-ins for tattoos or piercings at this time.

That doesn’t mean we won’t have time for you! Sometimes, an artist may get a cancellation or have some extra free time. Give the studio a call to see if we can book you in for a same day tattoo or piercing appointment. 

1.6 Can I bring someone to my appointment?

As we are following COVID-19 protocols outlined by our government, we ask that you do not bring extra guests to your piercing or tattoo appointment. This of course does not include anyone that needs to be signed for by their parent or guardian.

1.7 What payment methods do you accept?

We are cash-only. We do have an ATM in the studio if any of our clients happen to need it. 

1.8 Can I bring my child with me?

We ask all of our clients to not bring in any extra guests. This would include your children. As much as we love their curiosity, it is safer for them to stay at home. 

1.9 Do I require a consultation?

We do require a consultation with the artist prior to the tattoo. This is where you will go over any references, placement, and book the actual tattoo appointment. The artist will then take the $100 deposit for the appointment that goes towards the final price of the tattoo. The consultation is where you will get the best estimate for a final price. 

1.10 Where are you located?

We are located in the heart of Downtown Sudbury at 178 Elgin St. We are on the same stretch as The Townhouse, Laughing Buddha, and Little Montreal.

1.11 How do I contact you?

It is always best to give us a call at 705 586 3665 but we are also available through Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram or even Email - [email protected]

1.12 When will I see my design?

Most of the artists will show the artwork 24 hours prior to the tattoo appointment or even the day off.

We have had issues with artwork being taken from our hardworking and creative artists to be completed by other artists so we hope you understand this is why we present the artwork in this manner. 

1.13 Where do I park?

Downtown Sudbury is paid parking along Elgin Street.

There are also two paid parking lots located on Elgin available. 

1.14 Can I get a refund or transfer my depsoit?

All deposits made are non-refundable and cannot be transferred to a different artist. You will sign a form stating this information during your consultation appointment with your desired artist. 

1.15 Do you accept e-transfers?

We do not accept e-transfer as method of payment.

1.16 Can I get pierced or tattooed when pregnant or breastfeeding?

We do not tattoo or pierce anyone that is currently pregnant or breastfeeding. As we are confident in our sanitization and the cleanliness of our studio, we are not willing to take a chance of causing an open wound that could get infected and transfer the infection to the child. We hope you understand that this is for you and your child's safety. 

2 Tattoo Aftercare
2.1 How long do I leave my bandage on my new tattoo?

Leave the bandage on for a minimum on 12 hours. It is medicated, breathable, and waterproof. Our artists will instruct you otherwise depending on the size of the tattoo. Limit physical activity during the time you are wearing the bandage. 

2.2 How do I wash and treat my tattoo?

Peel off entire bandage and wash the tattoo using lukewarm water and mild soap to gently wash away any residual blood, plasma, and ink. 

Do not use a washcloth. Your hand is the best tool. Try to gently remove as much of this as possible. Pat the area dry with a towel to get it completely dry. Do not rub it dry. 

*TIP* Make sure hands are cleaning before treating tattoo. It is good practise to start a new aftercare jar after every new tattoo to prevent cross contamination. Use Q-Tip or popsicle stick to take a bit of the cream out of the jar. Keep using aftercare until the tattoo is healed. 

2.3 Can I go swimming after my I get my new tattoo?

We recommend not going into any hot tubs or swimming for at least 2 to 3 weeks. This includes all bodies of water i.e lakes, rivers, oceans, etc. 

2.4 Can I go tanning with my new tattoo?

Avoid extended sun exposure or tanning beds for 2 to 3 weeks. Once your tattoo is healed, be sure to use sunscreen to prevent any fading.

2.5 Is scabbing, peeling, and/or itching normal?

A new tattoo is also an open wound and your body naturally wants to cover it with scabs. Don't pick at it! Compresses to scabs or peeling skin for about 5 minutes 2 to 3 times a day to soften them up and they will eventually fall off on their own.

Don't apply ointment or lotion to a softened scab - always wait for it to dry. You will also begin to itch, just like a sunburn when it begins to heal. Don't scratch.

2.6 What do you recommend for aftercare for my new tattoo?

We strongly recommend Burt's Bees Almost & Milk Hand Cream, Burts Bee's Hand Salve, or organic coconut oil as aftercare products. We sell the Burts Bee's Almond & Milk in the studio and in our online store for curb-side pick-up. 

DO NOT use Neosporin, Polysporin, previously used creams, or Vaseline. 

2.7 Is it normal to see swelling, feel irritation, or pain?

It is perfectly normal to see some swelling in the area which is often accompanied by some mild pain or discomfort. For some, this can last a few days. We recommend avoiding alcohol. 

2.8 What if I have an allergic reaction?

Everybody reacts and heals differently. If you notice excessive scabbing or ink oozing from certain colours, please let us know as soon as possible. You may have had an aversion or a sensitivity to a particular pigment. It is not uncommon. Once it is healed, we will welcome you back to the shop to have the area re-worked in a differently colour. 

For some, patch tests may be necessary.

*Red and white inks tend to take a longer time to heal.*

2.9 What about infections?

An infection does not mean your tattoo artist did not take the proper precautions to prevent it. When a tattoo done by a professional artist gets infected, it's almost always caused by improper aftercare.

Sometimes it can also occur when the client takes proper care of their new tattoo! There are invisible airborne bacteria everywhere! Sometimes an allergic reaction could turn into an infection as well. An infected tattoo will usually be red and sore long into the healing phase.

Sometimes this is also accompanied by indents, extreme scabbing, bumps or even blisters. Some scabs may appear green or yellowish. There will usually be puss and sometimes even a bad smell. If you think your tattoo may be infected, give us a call! We can help confirm the infection and direct you toward the proper course of action.

Adam holds a certificate in the Prevention of blood borne Pathogens and Infection Control specifically for the Body Modification Industry. He is well versed in how to prevent infections as well as how to recognize them when they occur. Please do not be shy if you have any questions. We are here to help!

3 Piercing Aftercare
3.1 How long do I use the aftercare for my piercing?

Continue the aftercare process for 3-6 months. Avoid touching and playing with the piercing. 

Make sure your hands are clean when cleaning your piercing.

3.2 What do I use to take care of my piercing?

You may use a prepackaged saline solution, usually labeled “saline wound wash” which contains only sodium chloride (sea Salt), and water. Avoid harsh soaps.

We provide a baggy of the salt after your piercing. We also have After Inked Piercing Spray available in the studio and on our online store for curb-side pick-up. 

To make your own saline solution, simply dissolve 1/2 tsp of non-iodized sea salt into 500 ml distilled or prepackaged bottled water.

3.3 Is some pain and discomfort normal?

Manageable amounts of pain or discomfort, redness and swelling is normal.

Crusting, scabbing, and bleeding within the first week is to be expected.

It is common to experience itching, throbbing, and burning sensations during the entire healing process.

3.4 How do I clean my piercing?

Always make sure your hands are clean while handling your piercing. Twice a day, apply saline solution as a compress ensuring both the entry and exit sites of the piercing are soaking without moving your jewelry for 5 minutes, morning and night.

After 5 minutes, rinse your piercing to wash away any buildup or residue.

Either air dry, or gently dab the area dry with a clean paper towel. avoid using towels as they harbour bacteria, and fibres can catch onto your piercing.

3.5 Do I need to check or tighten my piercing?

Make sure to check & tighten beads or attachments on threaded jewelry daily.

3.6 When can I change my jewelry?

Once redness and swelling subsides, consult your piercer to be fitted for a smaller pierce of jewelry to avoid damage to the tissue due to movement or snagging.

3.7 What do I avoid with my new piercing?

If you suspect signs of infection, never remove your jewelry and contact your piercer immediately.

Never change or remove your jewelry during the healing process.

Avoid applying makeup or scented products directly on or near your piercing during the healing process.

Over cleaning causes dryness and irritation.

Avoid moving jewelry, cleaning vigorously, or wearing tight clothing over your piercing

Do not pick at or play with your jewelry.

Do not allow bodily fluids from others to come into contact with your healing piercing. This includes sharing food/drinks, utensils, kissing, etc...

Make sure to never fully submerge new piercings. Avoid pools, hot tubs, saunas, and natural bodies of water.

Never put rubbing alcohol, peroxide or ointments on your piercing.

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